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lisa.software is a boutique software firm which was established in 2012, with the goal of offering a "one stop shop" for software products.

We believe that building great software takes more than technical skills. Our team of experts are committed to understanding your business needs, improving your ideas and helping you achieve your goals.

On top of outsourcing services for other companies, we create products of our own, as part of our solutions offering to potential clients (B2B/B2C).

Our Services

Our team of experts offer the following services:

Development - Web, Mobile, Enterprise, eCommerce, Animation, UI/UX.
Data - SQL & NoSQL, Miming, Optimization, Machine Learning, Analytics.
DevOps - Cloud Computing & Architecture, IoT, Deployment, Automation.
Security - Penetration Testing, Server Hardening, Reverse Engineering.
Product - Business Requirements, Design Documents, Defining the MVP.

Our Products

On top of our outsourcing services, we create products of our own:

Scriptango - Unique tool for screenwriters that uses advanced NLP methods to auto-analyze movie & TV scripts, and generates a detailed visual report. Reflect on your story through a different lenses, easily spot problems and their cause, and rewrite efficiently.

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